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Plan – Z


Plan Z – Development Team             Project Type: 48 Game Jam
Benjamin Koop – AI & Programming
Frank Keefer – AI & Programming
Frank Muniz – Audio & Graphic Design, Level Layouts
Kyle Wynn – Audio
Mike Henry – AI & Programming, Level Development
Thomas Ferrick – 3D Modeling, Level Design, Texture Artist, & Lighting

The prototype of this game was done in 48 Hours for Global Game Jam 2018.
The playable prototype is available at
For more details go to

 NinjaTronix: Catacomb Chase


NinjaTronix: Catacomb Chase – Development Team
Project Type: Personal Project

Thomas Ferrick:
Concept Artist, Illustrator, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigger, Animator, Sound Engineer,  and Programmer

Based of the stories written by Thomas Ferrick. This game is the first of a series of games within same universe following a traveling mercenary, a ninja who goes by Tronix.

We are currently trying to get licensing for this game

: Tronix Game Dev Team :

Thomas Ferrick
Project director / 3D Generalist

Thomas Ferrick has been a 3D animation generalist and VFX artist over 10 years. He produced 3D animated Music Videos for The Hipwaders, Entered into many Film Festivals, Game Jams, and has done many Freelance Projects.

Kristoffer Garcia
Internet Marketing Specialist

Kris is an Internet Marketing Specialist who is also SEO Certified. He will be developing the Landing Pages and Press Kits for the games he is marketing for. He will also be developing and marketing the crowdfunding campaigns, communicating with journalists and companies who are potential sponsors.

Steve Jemera
Sound Engineer

Steve is sound engineer from SAE Expression College located in Emeryville, California, geared toward the entertainment industry. Steve has worked on projects with Tronix Productions for film festivals and has done the sound engineering Spoils of War a short film within the Tronix cinematic universe.

Tim Woody
3D Modeler

Tim Woody is a 3D Modeler who graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. You can find his portfolio here at He specializes in character modeling and has done models ranging from game models, high end cinematic models, all the way up to photo realistic models.

Tyler Hayes
Game Programmer

Tyler Hayes came to TronixGameDev in 2017. Since then he has been prototyping 2 games a parady space shooter game and brick breaker game we are currently trying to get licensed.

Sunny Ferrick
Education Game Design

Sunny is a certified Recreational Therapist. She was the Senior Recreational Leader of the Parks and Rec Department of West Sacramento developing and reviewing games for many after school sites. She’s worked with kids and people with disabilities.

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