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Plan – Z


Plan Z – Development Team             Project Type: 48 Game Jam
Benjamin Koop – AI & Programming
Frank Keefer – AI & Programming
Frank Muniz – Audio & Graphic Design, Level Layouts
Kyle Wynn – Audio
Mike Henry – AI & Programming, Level Development
Thomas Ferrick – 3D Modeling, Level Design, Texture Artist, & Lighting

The prototype of this game was done in 48 Hours for Global Game Jam 2018.
The playable prototype is available at https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/plan-z
For more details go to http://www.tronixproductions.com/plan-z/

: Plan-Z Development Team :

Thomas Ferrick
3D Generalist

Thomas Ferrick has been a 3D animation generalist and VFX artist over 10 years. He produced 3D animated Music Videos for The Hipwaders, Entered into many Film Festivals, Game Jams, and has done many Freelance Projects.

Mike Henry
Game Programmer

Mike Henry is a great game programmer.

Frank Keefer
Game Programmer

Frank is a great Game Programmer

Frank Muniz
Graphic Designer

Frank is a great graphic designer, and he wants you to check out this website. https://justicecold.com/

Benjamin Koop
Game Programmer

Ben is a great game programmer.

Team photo drawn by Frank Muniz

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